A test shop on eBay for Laptop Chargers

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A test shop on eBay for Laptop Chargers

At the Laptop Power Supply Shop we come across customers on a daily basis that complain that our prices are too high and that they can purchase the same products from the likes of eBay much cheaper. We explain time and time again that we can't even buy our chargers for the price they are sold at on these market places and that the offerings are for the most part fakes. Some customers take our advice but others aren't so easily convinced.

We're not too concerned that we are losing customers to these marketplace sellers, as we generally end up speaking to them on the phone a few weeks later where they tell us how their recent purchase went up in a puff of smoke. What we are concerned about, is how eBay are allowing sellers to sell counterfeit and in some cases illegal products on their platform and the fact that these sellers don't appear to have any consience whatsoever that one of their products could electrocute a child or burn down a house.

As an experiment, last week we made a test purchase from an eBay seller who claimed to be selling genuine laptop chargers. It's difficult to tell from a poor quality ebay image what you are actually buying and images are usually stolen from another website anyway but we purchased four chargers that appeared to be the real deal; a Samsung branded 90W charger, a Sony branded 90W charger, a HP branded 65W charger and a Liteon (Acer) branded 90W charger, all priced at £8.99 including a power cable.

Afterall, if these really were genuine chargers, we could stop buying our chargers from our usual supply chain and get them from eBay at a greatly reduced price.

Below are our findings for each of the chargers.

Liteon (Acer) 90W charger. Price: £8.99 including cable.

The image provided by the eBay seller

Liteon (Acer) eBay listing image

This was the image displayed in the eBay listing. This reselmbles something that we would expect to receive from the manufacturer. The correct Logo, correct company name, correct model number (PA-1900-04)

What we received

Fake Liteon (Acer) Laptop Charger

Above is a photo of the charger that we recevied. Firstly you will notice that there is a lot less information on the label. Less warnings and less safety marks. Not only that we also noted the following.

  1. The company name under the logo is incorrect. Liteon Electronics, Inc is incorrect. This should be Liteon Technology Corporation.
  2. The model number shown on the charger we received (PA-1700-02) is the model number of a 65W charger, not a 90W charger.
  3. The first sign that the charger was a fake was the apparent lack of weight as we removed it from the packaging. The weight of this charger was 227g compared to a genuine charger which weighed in at 358g. That's 131g of missing components, probably the safety circuitry because you don't need that, right?

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Hewlett Packard branded 65W laptop charger with blue tip. Price: £8.99 including cable.

The image provided by the eBay seller

This was the image displayed in the eBay listing. Very poor quality but at a glance looks like it's meant to.

What we received

Once again we can see that what's been supplied is different to the image shown in the listing and the following points make it clear this is a fake.

  1. The manufacturers name is spelled incorrectly. Chicony Power Technology is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer of laptop chargers and manufacturer chargers for a number of big brand laptops. Spelled CHICNYFOWER TECHNOLOGY on this charger.
  2. The charger received shows the HP Part Number as 677770-002 and the Replace with HP Spare number as 693715-001. Both of these numbers refer to a different charger with a completely different tip to what was ordered and supplied (see HP part surfer). This charger should have a part number of 710412-001.
  3. Once again weight was an issue with our new fake charger weighing in at just 194g compared to a genuine charger at 249g.

If you would like to purchase a genuine 693715-001 or a 710412-001 laptop charger, of course we only stock the real deal and supply all of our chargers with a 2 year guarantee.

Samsung branded 90W laptop charger. Price: £8.99 including cable.

The image provided by the eBay seller

This was the image displayed in the eBay listing. Again very difficult to judge authenticy via the image due to quality. We did notice the image of the 3 pin plug as these are known illegal power cords (see below) but as we know images are often taken from other websites we took a chance in the hope that the power cable would be different to that pictured.

What we received

Despite the obvious lack of weight for a 90W charger we couldn't find anything immediately wrong with this charger, until we spotted the model number and an issue with one of the warning messages.

  1. The Samsung model number BA44-00262A belongs to a 40W charger, not a 90W charger. 
  2. The wording "FOR USE IT INFORMATION ONLY" does not make any sense and should read "FOR USE WITH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT ONLY"
  3. Our fake charger tipped the scales at 231g compared to our OEM charger at 340g.

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Sony branded 90W laptop charger. Price: £8.99 including cable.

The image provided by the eBay seller

This was the image displayed in the eBay listing. Once again with a poor quality image we can't see the detail, but it looks just like we would expect from a Genuine Sony charger.

What we received

This is most certainly the worst of the bunch with glaring errors that clearly indicate a counterfeit charger.

  1. The Sony logo is bad, very bad. Poorly printed with the font being uneven and to thin. Sony would never allow that.
  2. The model number printed in the top right hand corner is a very old model number. We haven't seen PCGA model numbers used for many years. All new models numbers begin VGP eg. VGP-AC19V10
  3. It appears here they tried to used the correct VGP model number but failed miserably. VGPA-AC 19V10 is and never has been a valid model number for a Sony charger.
  4. They spelled Canada incorrectly (Canade).
  5. Our eBay special weighed in at 227g compared to an original at 279g,

As you also see by the images of the top of the charger, a Genuine Sony charger has the Vaio brand embossed into the charger casing and tip. This is missing from the fake.

You can purchase a Genuine Sony charger with a 2 year guaranatee right here.

The power cables that were supplied with each of the above laptop chargers

These cables aren't just fakes, they are plain and simple illegal and dangerous.

We won't rewrite an entire article already written by PlugSafe to explain why these cables are illegal and dangerous. We'll just link to the PlugSafe Article who explain in great depth.

In summary though, should you choose not to read the full article by PlugSafe.

  1. The Kite mark is fake.
  2. Guida is a non existent brand.
  3. STGS (the plug is claimed to be STGS approved) is a fictitious organisation.
  4. The copper strands inside the cable are half the diameter of what is claimed on the cable.
  5. The earth pin in partially sheathed.
  6. The fuses are fake and do not contain silica sand.


We have reported all of the above findings to Trading Standards and also Action Fraud. We don't seem to be able to find any way to communicate with eBay unless we are the brand owner and are part of their VERO programme. It remains to be seen if anything is done about this seller, but we'll keep a close eye and update here if anything transpires.

In the mean time, please buy safe. Some things just shouldn't be bought cheap. eBay are not the only place where fake chargers and cables are available, they are rife on Amazon and many other .co.uk websites.