A test shop on eBay for Laptop Chargers

Posted On: 2016-10-31 17:56:57 ; Read: 2053 time(s)
The Laptop Power Supply Shop reveals it's finding from a recent test shop from a UK based eBay seller. We purchased 4 "Genuine Laptop chargers" and explain why all four of them are counterfeit and why the power cables supplied with them are illegal. [Read more...]

Reducing cable strain on your laptop charger

Posted On: 2014-11-18 12:03:13 ; Read: 2030 time(s)
While a laptop charger is designed to travel with your laptop, certain usage patterns can contribute to the fraying or breaking of cables. The laptop charger cable, like any other metal wire or cable, is subject to becoming weak or brittle if repeatedly bent in the same spot. Follow the recommendations below to reduce the likelihood of damaging the charger. [Read more...]

How to get Best Performance out of your new Laptop Battery?

Posted On: 2014-10-06 10:26:29 ; Read: 1781 time(s)
When your new laptop battery is delivered, the battery will not be fully charged. We recommend that you charge the battery for at least 16-24 hours continuously, or even longer. We also recommend that you do this for the first 3-4 charges as well. [Read more...]

My laptop is not charging my new battery to 100%.

Posted On: 2014-09-16 11:38:27 ; Read: 2134 time(s)
What is wrong with my laptop battery? Sometimes when a new battery is installed, the laptop and operating system software are unable to correctly measure the energy stored in the new battery. If after charging your new battery overnight your battery meter displays that you have only a partial charge on your battery, it is a good indication that the battery meter needs to be recalibrated. [Read more...]

A new standard for future universal laptop charger is announced by the IEC

Posted On: 2014-01-24 13:34:48 ; Read: 1245 time(s)
A new standard has been published by the IEC this week, detailing the specifications for a single laptop charger that will be compatible with a wide range of laptops. At the moment there is no legal obligation for laptop manufacturers to follow the specification, the announcement paves the way for universally compatible chargers which bring a huge reduction in e-waste. [Read more...]

Another council warns of unsafe / fake chargers

Posted On: 2013-03-20 12:45:27 ; Read: 2634 time(s)
Yet another council in the UK is warning about the risks involved when purchasing cheap mobile phone or laptop chargers. Trading standards officers in Wandsworth are urging bargain hunters to steer clear of cheap mobile phone and laptop chargers, warning that some could be lethal. An urgent investigation by trading standards officers was launched after a local resident's mobile phone charger nearly caught fire. Visits to 25 shops across the borough over a period of a few days revealed an alarmingly high number of faulty chargers on sale. The investigation has netted a haul of nearly 1,000 phone chargers and over 200 laptop chargers that are believed to be unsafe with tests revealing that they do not meet safety standards. [Read more...]

Lithium Ion cell manufacturers push new cheaper, lighter Prismatic Lithium Ion Batteries

Posted On: 2013-01-11 12:45:53 ; Read: 2246 time(s)
Industry sources are speculating that prismatic lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are receiving full support from Japan-based Panasonic, and Korea-based Samsung SDI and LG. It is beleived that these three companies started pushing standardized solutions in the second half of 2012. [Read more...]

New Technology to triple lithium ion capacity

Posted On: 2012-10-21 10:05:05 ; Read: 2306 time(s)
Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new lithium ion battery that will keep going and going and going at three time the capacity of current batteries. [Read more...]

USB laptop charging could be available as soon as late 2012

Posted On: 2012-09-26 17:49:17 ; Read: 1579 time(s)
It seems that charging your laptop via USB could soon be a reality thanks to a new flavor of USB which is designed to push out much more power, giving you the ability to charge your laptop via a USB adapter. The new standard, PD (Power Delivery) was showcased at Intel's IDF 2012 event last week and CNET provides details from the presentation that two of Intel's engineers gave on the technology. [Read more...]

Suffolk Trading Standards advises charger recall.

Posted On: 2012-09-05 14:46:47 ; Read: 1876 time(s)
Suffolk Trading Standards have advised local consumers to return certain replacement laptop chargers to the retailer after tests revealed that the chargers do not comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and European Standard EN 60950. [Read more...]